About TESTacy

TESTacy is a web log on software testing and a web portfolio of Milin Patel. The word TESTacy comes from Testing and Ecstasy, assuming to be the acute joy of software testing. Through this website Milin expresses his understanding of software testing and conjointly appearance for a chance to find out additional knowledge from the software testing community. TESTacy is additionally a way to contact Milin Patel and hire him for software package testing jobs.

About Milin

Milin Patel is a passionate software tester and software testing blogger. He's an enthusiastic person with an ignited mind that is ever learning and growing within the field of software testing by sharing knowledge with the software testing community.


Ethics & Work Principles

  • Software Testing is an information providing service. I cannot assure anything on which I have no control.
  • After testing the software I will provide you with information that you may analyse to decide whether the software is as per the quality criteria you had in mind.
  • All testing practices are context dependant and people working on/related to the project are most important part of its context.
  • There can be better practices that can be followed for a certain context, but there is no one best practice that can apply to every software.
  • Stakeholders of the project are the most important source of knowledge and information about the project and its requirement.
  • I cannot guarantee that the software will never break. With the available information for my testing activity I can say that the software has not yet broken.
  • I will not prepare and provide any false documentation or report just to impress with numbers or metrics.
  • My test reports will be my opinion about the software based upon the information and co-operation I receive from the people involved with the project.
  • Project is a solution to a problem, solving which we get a working product. If the problem isn't solved, the product(software) doesn't work.
  • Over time projects may unfold in an unpredictable manner. By taking the right decision at the right time we can effectively test our product.

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